Is it really possible to do it ALL alone?


China is easily known as one of the top largest manufacturing countries in the world. They have been globally seen as a great and efficient workforce that influences many neighboring countries around them. However, it is a mistake to think that the reason China is so successful, is only because labor is cheaper there. Besides that, many other leading factors create this noble title for China worldwide. Unlike the US, where labor is more expensive, it makes it hard for companies to successfully complete the idea of making their merchandise ALL in the US. Some many hindering interruptions and problems can occur with even just creating the popular iPhone.

If more products were to be made in the home country, for us, it would be the US, then prices would definitely fluctuate, and we would probably notice the drastic measures we need to take to fulfill the task correctly. If we were to try and assemble the iPhone all in the US, that can already start the rise in cost. The phone has already started off being more expensive because of work labor but, also shipping parts from all around to the US impacts the price greatly.

So to avoid these intimidating prices, the only way would be to build the components in America itself. However, it’s not that easy as it may seem. Finding the raw materials that create even the smallest parts of the phone creates a lot more work to do. Since the phone contains many elements that are easy to retrieve in China, it seems like it is a much safer option to just hold hands with China and let them build the necessary parts there instead. In the end, I think that trading would be a better choice than using this method. Besides, this will also make the cost of the iPhone go up for sure.

In reality, the struggle is too severe for one country to assemble a product entirely alone. Even after looking at the many road bumps, there are on the journey to making the world-renowned iPhone, it seems that partnering up with different countries is the most ideal way to manufacture in the long run.

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