Technology influences our shopping experience


We are always making purchases. Sometimes the way we purchase can influence the stores ranking in the marketing competition. Shopping online is a more efficient method rather than shopping in stores. There are many advantages to shopping online and the common reason people tend to shop on the web more is that it’s just easier.

As of right now, online shopping definitely exceeds the limits of in-store shopping. One being that having an in-store business requires the customers to maneuver carts all along with their shopping experience. This wastes time and uses the efforts of the customer to walk through multiple aisles to find what they are looking for. While online stores, in contrast, provide a simple search bar where a few clicks can lead to several options flooding the page. That comes in handy all the time. Of course, many other reasons make shopping online easier but I found that this one was a really prominent advantage of online retail stores, like Amazon.

I can also see that these days, ride-sharing companies are becoming more popular in our day to day life. Services like the Uber and Postmates have been used increasingly more because it simply saves time and hassle. It seems like shortly, more businesses will start to look for multiple additions to update their in-store experience for customers.

Stores like Walmart, which is the world’s largest retailer, start to pick up on the latest trends in marketing as well. They recently came up with the idea of using robots as a form of an efficient way to shop in stores. I can kinda predict that they would like to use robots in their stores so that their customers will have a more adequate shopping experience. This would create a similar action to the idea of online shopping. It seems that they’re trying to use the basic idea of online shopping so that they can re-replicate it in stores physically. I simply can’t imagine a day where a robot will direct me to my groceries, and help me haul my purchases. That would be very interesting. Seeing that even self check out has become more used in stores it seems that stores have become moving onto the use of technology more and more.

As we come closer to the future, I can firmly state that technology will become a huge influence in our everyday lives and this is just the start.

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