Impacts of driverless cars on our society


It’s actually not that hard to imagine an era where transportation will be done with driverless cars. Currently, we are already making advances in our technology for cars all the time. Many organizations such as Uber and Lyft have been quite popular in the last year for being convenient. Along with being accommodating, it also brings an opportunity for many to save money with the cheaper price it offers to customers. Commute will be done in a shorter amount of time and traffic flow will be much more clear. Clearly, we can see the great impacts these self-driving cars can do for us. It seems like no surprise that they would have received immense popularity.

In the future, when our suburban lives rely on driverless cars it seems like transportation safety will not be very secure. Although machines, may react to an impact faster than humans, the accidents that can occur are very unpredictable. That can lead to some anxiety with passengers that ride it daily. But, I can say that there will probably be fewer car accidents compared to the current number we have made in the past years.

These vehicles will also lead to a decline in jobs in the transportation department. It won’t eliminate all the jobs in the driving community because we do need people like the postman, but for taxi and cab drivers it may be a striking issue for them. Employment levels will probably drop due to these cars and will also leave many jobs in this department limited.

Privacy will be disrupted due to the GPSs that will be put in the cars as well. Since GPSs are devices that are set up to navigate us towards our final destination, once our ride is done, the data and record of our trip all around the city will be left.

A great impact these cars will bring for us would be that there will be fewer car thefts. This can make stealing unoccupied cars harder and will also make it easier for us to password-protect our navigation systems. Having computers operating the system instead of manually will reduce the amount of crime and piracy.

There are many other impacts these incredible cars can do in our society. It doesn’t seem like a long time till we see these driverless cars in action all around us.


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