Controversy over owning a firearm


After the recent devastation, in Orlando on Sunday, June  12, many people and political groups have been greatly influenced to change the law of owning a gun. Personally, I feel that gun control in the US is too lenient and definitely needs to be changed so that people will feel safer in the US. Allowing anyone in the US to have the authority over a firearm seems way too dangerous and can lead to unpredictable events to happen, just like the Orlando massacre. I think the only people to have the right to own a gun are people who protect the country such as the police department, the CIA, or the soldiers who are fighting in the army. Although the law allows people to have the right to own a gun, I feel that its time to change the way we think and start a new law for the safety of the people in this country.

Two political parties, the Democratic and the Republican have both stepped forward speaking their thoughts on what to do about gun control. Looking at their arguments, I believe that both parties are right and they both make true statements about the law. However, if I were to choose which side I would stand for, I would choose the Democratic side. Giving the Justice Department authority to prevent a buyer from purchasing a gun through reasonable belief and evidence would help prevent certain travelers from boarding on flights out of the US. It is a secure and practical method for this issue.

Besides the political parties’ opinions on this situation, the NRA (National Rifle Association) has also given some thought on this problem as well. They have stated that “only people who could be arrested for terrorism should be blocked from purchasing a weapon”. This seems like a reasonable idea as well, however, I think that it wouldn’t be a fair and effective law at times when the judge is being biased. It would be more appropriate if the law suggested that all people who are under the “no-fly list” or the “selectee list” should not have the right to own a gun no matter what circumstances.

So I am more supportive of Collin’s proposal that “call for a ban on sales of guns to terrorism suspects who appear on either the government’s “no-fly list” or on a separate “selectee list”. This is a more effective law that will truly prevent more instances like the recent shooting to happen again.

All in all, the controversy over gun control has been more active as of late and I hope lawmakers take into consideration the current circumstances when making legal decisions.

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