Creating energy through a bionic leaf


I see energy as an essential part of our animated lives. We use energy quite frequently to the point it makes me wonder, Will we ever run out of energy? The normal answer would be yes, we’re still working on finding a solution one day. But now, that day has finally arrived. To create the perfect energy it must be renewable. The fossil fuels we collect from the ground will soon run out due to us using large amounts of it every day. Wind and solar energy is very unpredictable because it depends on the climate. There are of course many other types of energy that are being processed now, but the most intriguing source of energy that I’ve seen thus far is artificial photosynthesis.

Artificial photosynthesis is simply what the name states. Photosynthesis through a bionic leaf instead of a real plant. Using the concept of how plants make their energy, scientists have come up with an idea that we can try creating our energy in the same way as well. Along with the leaf, sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water are used just like the original process to complete the procedure. I think this idea is very creative and also lets us realize that we should start thinking outside of the box.

Once this complex process of artificial photosynthesis is completed, we have finally created energy in a new form, liquid fuels. I can agree with Peidong Yang’s words that, “The high performance of this system is unparalleled”. It truly is.

With this new system in motion, we can now overcome a number of challenges and tasks in our lives in a much more efficient way. One example of how we can use this process of artificial photosynthesis is to help fuel our cars at home. Instead of going to the gas station and pumping it into our vehicles there, we can use this method to generate or own energy directly in our yards.

It seems like science and engineering are becoming more creative and skilled these days. It’s amazing when new forms of technology are produced and it makes me realize how much we have expanded our view on things. To create new ideas and make discoveries, I think we need to keep opening our eyes wider and continue to look beyond the boundaries in order to organize an idea that will really enhance our lives.

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