Drones are coming in the near future


The hottest trending device in the technology department is probably the drone. Drones are fascinating gadgets that allow us to seek the environment around us in many ways. Whether it being an aerial view or birds-eye view, it captures the moments on camera really well and are used to benefit us through business or transportation. However, due to the many regulations that have been stated by the federal government, it made it tough for people to fly them. Recently the F.A.A. (Federal Aviation Administration) has caught up on the drone bandwagon to release new rules that have allowed people to use drones more, especially for companies.

On rare occasions, we might see little machinery in the air such as planes or helicopters, but now we will be seeing more and more drones in the air. It is honestly really exciting to see drones becoming more used these days and I hope that we will be able to expand our uses of drones on other challenges.

Companies like Google and Amazon have announced that they have already been looking into using drones for their business. Soon we will be able to see commercial drones being used for many different business actions such as drone delivery.

The new F.A.A. rules have become more broad and lenient to the public, however it still does strictly state some things that must be followed in order to have authority to fly the drones. I think the federal government made rules for certain types of drones because surveillance issues are stressed upon people to not ruin someone’s privacy. In order to prevent dangerous activities, I agree that there should be strict rules that prohibit users to fly drones in certain locations and altitudes.

There are many great opportunities for us if we use drones such as news gathering, taking great landscape photos, and they would even be helpful in emergency situations for rescue operations. However, along with the convenience of drone usage, there also comes some risks like privacy, air travel disruption, and deployment.

I am highly anticipating the future ahead of us when drones are part of our normal lives. It will be quite the experience seeing these fly over head all the time.

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