Escaping reality to face virtual reality


Sometimes we have those moments where we don’t feel satisfied enough with our life. We desire for a chance to be someone else that lives in gleaming luxury and absolute perfection. However, in reality, that’s pretty much impossible. This is why VR (Virtual Reality) has been created so that we can leave behind ourselves to explore a new and more sensational possibility in a virtual world. When I think about the phrase “being in someone’s shoes” its kinda like saying, see how it feels to be them and not you. So, what if we had the chance to experience a life where we could become someone else that we’ve always dreamed of? That would be quite the adventure.

Although virtual reality may offer great simulations, it is quite the investment to actually purchase the material right now. The major companies that are working on this project still have some issues to work on, so it’s not like VR has become that widespread yet.

One of the primary companies that are working on improving the VR experience for curious customers is called Oculus. They have created a new VR system that includes more body involvement, making us feel more at one with the action in reality. It will probably encourage more people to try out VR now that it’s more connected than before.

It seems like VR is something that many people might find as an enjoyable way to escape the serious and dull life of reality, but for some, it might not be the case. I can see how some people might not like the idea of being disconnected from their normal life for too long because it might be too much to handle. It might cause confusion and addiction which is something that should not be looked upon for just being a simulation. It might just be too immersive for a few.

I like the idea of VR that it allows people to have the freedom to accomplish what they yearn for and can’t do in their normal lives. But despite all the privileges we get from VR, it might be too much for people like me to do.

I think that when we do play a part in virtual reality, it will be a struggle to come back again to reality because we will be too fully immersed in ourselves there. VR is almost like a black hole. It’s almost like we’re sucked up into another dimension.

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