Diversity in the technology work platform


Many polls represent different amounts of race and ethnicity in the US today. Although each poll may not show the same exact data, they all share a common idea that a certain ethnicity is most likely more populated than the other groups. Since there are in fact more of one group than the other it leads to some companies being biased towards some groups and leaving unfair decisions for others. However, this circumstance can lead to some dirty controversy especially if it’s about job employment.

Recently, many large technology companies such as Airbnb, have pledged to the White House for diversity in their work fields. I think this movement of more diversification within the staff will help initiate the idea for Americans and people all over the world to start being open to more people instead of being so conservative to one.

Now, with many companies starting to create more assorted workspaces it will help also help the White House’s initiative as well, which is favorable towards most American citizens.

Lately, I have seen that President Barack Obama has taken many more measures to enhance nurturing small businesses. He has already announced many initiatives to help the tech and other markets to grow more around the world.

I hope that in the near future, we will be able to see more chances and possibilities open for a wide variety of people, especially in the technology department. It would be awesome if these initiatives led out by Obama would actually help us acquire jobs easier.

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