Google Glass seeks vision for autistic children?


How beautiful would it be if everyone in the world did not lurk a disease or disorder? That would be incredible, however, unfortunately, it is not possible. There are numerous amounts of people, especially children that are in this state and cannot help but be that way for the rest of their lives. This is when science and technology come into play to help cure these patients. Even if it’s just helping them to become a little more closer to being active and lively. Google has partnered up with Stanford and other organizations to help autistic patients, particularly children, to recognize faces and feel emotions using Google Glass.

This step forward of medical cure using technology will surely be one of Google’s biggest challenges to accomplish in the next few years. They have started their project by first creating facial recognition software with Stanford which will help detect emotions and even try recognizing facial expressions. With this, I think that it will definitely aid autistic children to be able to interpret people around them better and become more social in the public view.

I realized that Google’s main objective with creating Google Glass is not to entirely succeed in creating a machine which will make autistic children no longer autistic but to make a device which can serve as a personal monitoring system that will send cues to help them recognize emotions and expressions quicker and with a more immediate response.

When Google Glass becomes a success, I think more companies will start to create more gadgets that will improve many disorders just like autism. Honestly, technology has influenced us so much in current time, that I don’t know what we can’t be able to build up next in the tech era.

Whether Google Glass can pull this idea off seems like an interesting project to keep an eye on. Although Google Glass may not be the most completed and developed device yet, it still has a great future ahead when it does finally succeed.

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