Job selections have opened wider for graduates


For the longest time, people have followed the idea that students who went to prestigious academies usually received more recognition than others who did not. However, recently this biased belief from the public has slowly been pushed aside from what job scouters are genuinely looking for in an employee. Although it is a plus on student’s images, when they can share that they have attended a top-notch school, it is also equally important to see whether they have the real qualities of becoming a diligent worker under a huge business.

Without delay, some organizations have already been scouting graduates who are committed and eager to serve a part in their company. It seems like businesses are starting to improve their methods and expectations of selecting the perfect employees through positive responses from their workers.

Even some of Wall Street Journal’s famous banks including Goldman Sachs have changed their way to hire good candidates from college graduates. To recruit the perfect individuals into their banking staff, they have set up a process where all students will have the opportunity to send in video interviews. They used this method to “cast its net wider and bring it a step toward ‘“leveling the playing field”’ for recruits from non-elite schools”, said by Edith Cooper. Goldman Sachs has also announced that they will no longer use numbers to decide the graduate’s performance, rather they use the interviews as the option.

I completely agree with this statement that, recruiters that are going to “invest the time to attract people” will definitely want “to make sure they’re getting a higher likelihood of people being here longer and having a strong career.” I mean it makes sense that they would want to receive true devotion from the employee after taking a long amount of time to finally select them. If I were in the job selector’s shoes, I would most likely follow the same path as well when it comes to recruiting graduates into the company.

Despite the large range of students that use their schools to receive an awareness of themselves, it seems that more businesses have been interested in members that are faithful and loyal all around. Being consistent and always committed is probably the most important factor for graduates to have when applying for a job.

I am highly anticipating this new and open process towards graduates and what effect it may have upon those who are currently looking into placing themselves in the mass companies.

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