Talking about entrepreneurship


Just last Friday, President Barack Obama and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had a very engaging panel at Stanford talking about entrepreneurship in the US and what it meant to each other individually. They both discussed many important thoughts on the preparations of starting a business and what types of motives one must possess to fully lead a company. They talked in a special assembly held by the 7th Global Entrepreneurship Summit in California where many people came to watch their conference.

As the end of the conversation approached, Mark Zuckerberg said his thoughts on Barack Obama’s question about what he thinks about Facebook’s own role in creating the platform for entrepreneurship around the world. He mainly discussed the idea of how “entrepreneurship is about creating change, not creating companies” and that he wanted people to realize that he strives to allow people to have the opportunity to connect through a social platform and not for the profits he makes.

Besides the two, a few other people came to speak at the event as well.

I have noticed that the main objective of this planned event is to help young business seekers aspire entrepreneurship through their own goals and missions they have to display to the world. Just like Mark Zuckerberg, he explained that working hard towards creating a change is what entrepreneurship really looks for.

Barack Obama has also taken many initiatives to especially help business startups and other things such as diversification recently as well.

I think that the 7th Global Entrepreneurship Summit is an effective and great organization for many aspiring business creators out there in the tech platform. I also want to thank everyone who came to the panel for speaking such wise thoughts about entrepreneurship for everyone to hear.

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