Why we like to travel past the US borders


I have a great passion for traveling. No matter where the destination is, I am always excited to explore new places and look at the little details that make the place so unique. I have only traveled internationally twice in my life, but little did I know that I enjoyed visiting new countries rather than the states in the US. Maybe it was just because I got to experience a new environment that felt very… mythical?

It’s hard to explain what I feel when I see these places with different cultures from the US. One of the best parts of traveling is actually just learning about the culture. Trying new foods, exploring the city, and even experiencing a one on one conversation is so exhilarating. It honestly seems so surreal that there are so many different cultures out there that offer a wide variety of arts that we can’t really see in the US.

Emily Springer, who actually lives in Silicon Valley just like me, shares a lot of common ideas with me that she likes about traveling across countries. It’s interesting how we both have similar ideas about what we both look for when we travel and how breathtaking it is when we finally get to witness these places for real.

In her little interview, she also talks about how lucky we Americans are to be able to have English as one of the primary languages spoken in the world. After visiting Germany several times in the past, she notices that we have a lot of advantages with exploring foreign areas because we can understand English which most country offers as the translation for many things such as signs and brochures for tourists.

Having the opportunity to visit places like Europe and Korea is such a blessing and I sincerely thank my parents that give me these chances to see the world. I appreciate the wonders that each country has developed since they have been enduring up to this point and I seriously cannot wait to go traveling outside the US borders again.

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