Impacts of driverless cars on our society

BY: CLAIRE KIM It's actually not that hard to imagine an era where transportation will be done with driverless cars. Currently, we are already making advances in our technology for cars all the time. Many organizations such as Uber and Lyft have been quite popular in the last year for being convenient. Along with being… Continue reading Impacts of driverless cars on our society

Technology influences our shopping experience

BY: CLAIRE KIM We are always making purchases. Sometimes the way we purchase can influence the stores ranking in the marketing competition. Shopping online is a more efficient method rather than shopping in stores. There are many advantages to shopping online and the common reason people tend to shop on the web more is that… Continue reading Technology influences our shopping experience

Speaking to the younger audience about code

BY: CLAIRE KIM Programming is basically a language on its own. It's no different from the basic Spanish and French that you learn at school. Web programming embraces the idea of online communication through a direct and simple script. Many leading companies such as Apple, have become more engaged in coding and have started to… Continue reading Speaking to the younger audience about code