Wage discrimination for doctors


Sexism is still played in society to this day. In fact, it has been growing even more towards finance equality especially in the medical associations and districts.

Deciding how much pay a graduate receives might be based on the qualities the individual possesses, but the majority of the number is actually the gender. And of course, women have more “household responsibilities” but does that really affect them in the long run? No, it doesn’t. So why use that as an excuse for the pay gap? It honestly doesn’t make sense.

We can also take into consideration that women make up about half of the medical school graduates, and yet they still receive less attention with their pay credit than men. It makes me wonder why the pay gap between women and men are always called because of those certain “factors” or really just because of their born gender, which I think is the accurate answer.

According to what some researchers say, obstetrics and gynecology fields possess the most wage gap. But, it’s honestly kinda ironic that this could happen because most women who are in medical schools seek to become a doctor in that position.

With this ongoing situation of unfair salary distribution, maybe it’s just better for women to seek other job outlets which may show more pleasant options in salary. However, it may not be worth it in the end. Once salary difference becomes smaller it may just lead to women finding unfavorable jobs, which would not be good for them either.

Hopefully, we will start to see even the smallest changes to this problem, and through time it would be great if people would become more aware and act upon this accordingly.

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