Robots increase, Jobs decrease


The new era of “AI” or “Artificial Intelligence” has arrived upon us, and to some, this might be a dreading opportunity. For younger adults and incoming graduates that are looking for jobs, this might be the worst hindrance in their career and life plans that they have experienced. Luckily, the use of machinery has not been too severe out in businesses yet, but it is definitely growing on them to replace us.

In my perspective, it seems like the open hole for job employment has now shrunk by a lot leaving only a little space left for lucky acceptors. To people that are looking for jobs such as working in factories or even just as cashiers this could really affect them.

Although automation may be used in a variety of different settings, they still won’t be advanced enough to occupy positions that require human interaction. So jobs such as teachers and the medical staff maybe a little less stressed. Phew.

Of course, there are some good things about automation that we can recognize. They are convenient, more efficient, and they require less effort and sweat compared to us. Nonetheless, there are way more negativities with the usage of automation towards us and I will definitely be concerned once I enter my job scouting stage.

I guess to avoid these situations, we must devise strategies to overcome this “automation” era. I think its best to look for jobs out in the market that require more management, socializing, and human contact because it’s hard for machines to replicate the same idea as well as us. We should try to stay away from targeting job positions requiring physical tasks because those can be done easily with a robot’s click of a button. I think it’s important to remember these strategies so that fewer issues can occur when the spotlight is finally on us.

Many things make me nervous all around and now there is one more on the list. Hopefully, tasks for doctors will still be available once I come around that corner. For youths alike, it is unfortunate that this era had to come so soon, but I guess it had to come someday.

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