The Health Care Revolution in Progress


A new project has been initiated in the White House earlier last week about “personalized medicine”. It may sound ridiculous at first, but it’s actually quite fascinating. The idea of personalized medicine is as simple as it gets. It’s a medicine that is designed and customized to fit an individual depending on their lifestyle, genes, and other aspects that are part of their character. I think this is an interesting idea that can easily be circulated within doctors and patients alike. If this “personalized medicine” is well developed and shows positive results, I think it can really be a huge change in the current healthcare situation right now.

Currently, the White House is in charge of this project as well as President Barack Obama who stands as an important figure. Not only does he want to improve health care, but he also wants to advance the fast-growing genetic testing market. He has also already prepared to create a database called the “Precision Medicine Cohort” which can easily be one of the most “massive research projects that has ever been taken”.

With the formed database, it will mainly be used to hold the basic information of an individual such as their medical records and blood results to enable researchers to create the right medicine for any individual out in the public.

It seems like once this project is finally open for the public, it will create a huge difference in how health care is presented. I think that President Barack Obama set up the “Precision Medicine Initiative” to fulfill the goal of providing health care that will be more effective and accurate for patients. Hopefully, in the near future, personalized medicine can even improve a patient’s stability in the long run. This may be an opportunity for doctors and patients.

Although this project has gained some appreciation, we still can’t confirm that it will be a success in the future. However, it’s clear that whether this works out or not, this is a huge “health-care revolution” in our society.

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