From Reality to Augmented Reality


Lately, I have noticed that everyone has been so caught up in the game Pokemon Go, almost like it took over the world’s smartphones. But instead of this dominating game, I have found my self plunged into the world of augmented reality.

Unlike virtual reality which serves as a fun interactive platform that is based on a virtual world, augmented reality has become a rising attraction to many interested users like myself. Augmented reality showcases a world that is blended with two parts; virtual reality and just real life. Augmented reality has a similar concept to virtual reality, offering a new take on life for many users. Nonetheless, the greatest difference between the two is that this version of reality lets us input real life into the world that we are performing in through our headsets.

Augmented reality is a complex process because producing the idea of “real life” in a headset is not as easy as it sounds. However, once accomplished, the results are phenomenal. They prove to us that they can create digital content that is depth for us to visualize a world less 2D like but, more realistic with a wider range of views. Now I think that’s really cool.

Although this sense of “virtual reality” or “augmented reality” has been seen with many positive and encouraging remarks, I can honestly say that there are still a couple of things that virtual reality or augmented reality cannot capture. In the end, I guess its all up to the user whether they want to deal with wearing a heavy headset all day or just enjoy the moment through the world that is offered.

As this article has stated, “For the sake of argument, let’s assume the technology improves enough to be practical for those industrial applications — that’s still not enough to replace the smartphone”, I also agree that these worlds of virtual reality and augmented reality are still not able to overcome the abilities of a smartphone yet. However, eventually, it could, but doesn’t seem too likely, as of right now.

Both virtual reality and augmented reality are the new tech gadgets out in the market. They both reach similar goals to try and exhibit the endless experiences we can encounter through these tech models. I think that with their successes, many other companies will follow up and be inspired to create more compelling and interactive content with incoming tech users as well.


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