Drones help aircraft safety?


Drones are one of the latest and most highly anticipated tech gadgets developed in the tech era.

I can’t agree more that they are becoming very useful when it comes to handling business affairs and it seems like they have already been tested in helping Airbus fly through aircraft inspection. Before this operation, I have only thought of drones being used for sending packages and mail to people, but it seems like the technology can also be used in this form.

It looks like Airbus has recently completed some tests with the drones to see if they are capable enough to examine the aircraft accurately. Looking at their reaction, it seems like the drones have shown great results so far and may be used more often by Airbus. Some results even showed that the long and tedious work could be reduced by more than an hour with the help of the drone.

According to the article, it states that “In addition to making the process quicker and allowing images to be easily reexamined, the drones make it safer and more comfortable for inspectors, who will no longer have to be lifted up in telescopic handlers regardless of weather conditions”. It seems like drones will be completing more services for plane inspection teams from now on.

Thanks to the experiment held by Airbus, I have higher hopes and more curiosity towards what other methods drones could be used for besides this.

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