Using 3D sounds to help patients see


There is always something we can do to help people who are in need. The most effective way to cure someone is usually to use medicine or drugs, yet sometimes it’s just not strong enough. But now, we have developed a new method for patients to be treated with the help of technology.

Recently, researchers have created a new system to help the visually impaired. The system uses 3d sounds to guide patients and also helps enable them to avoid hindrances that may occur.

The system works through a stereo earpiece that will identify sounds and transmit them to the patient in which they can react accordingly depending on the direction the sound is coming from. The device will capture the sounds in a 3d form allowing the patient to correctly identify the situation. They have also announced another idea for their project using bone conduction earphones, which they claim would allow patients, “to hear a layer of augmented acoustic reality that is superimposed on the environmental sounds”. The researchers have stated that this is very important for visually impaired patients.

Geko NAVSAT is in charge of this ongoing project and they have been showing great progress. It seems like the company is continuously trying to improve its technology offering the best and most safe products for others to use. As of right now, they have mainly been using satellite navigation and augmented acoustic reality to help patients, but it seems like they have been taking other solutions into consideration.

I genuinely hope that the technology becomes a success so that there will be less visually impaired people in the world.

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