Using VR to update hotel shopping experience


Recently, I traveled to the southwestern part of the US, and while I was there, my family and I stayed in various hotels. While we were there, we stayed at two Best Western hotels in two different locations and both were great. They have standard rooms, a pool, breakfast, and many other great features in their chain line. We have stayed in Best Western hotels multiple times before, and every time they satisfy us with excellent service and quality experiences.

It has come to my attention that they are now upgrading their hotel with a digital transformation. Using VR (Virtual Reality), they are allowing customers to look at their hotel in a “360-degree virtual reality experience” which they claim to be a “game-changer” in their part. This is a good example of how VR technology is being used in the hospitality industry. It also looks like they will also be revamping their website to give off a better image than before.

They have also been focusing on developing their own omnichannel for their customers allowing them to have convenient access through any device whether it being their mobile app or even their website. In my opinion, it seems like a smart strategy and will help benefit them as well.

As I was reading an article, I have noticed that Best Western really stresses about the customers and how they play a huge role in their technology outlets to be considered a success. Of course, they also believe technology performance is just as important.

Best Western has really shown lots of effort in providing great experiences for their customers and it seems like they are knocking down other businesses through their accomplishments. They have many competitors, but they sure are going the right way into improving themselves to become better than before.

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