Bluetooth LE- connected devices upgraded with AR


Honestly, ever since AR and VR gave a good response, companies are going all out in producing the best products with them. Unlike before, a company named Pixie Technology has started its newest project with AR by using it to enhance its Bluetooth LE- connected devices.

Pixie is a very well known company for their tracking devices and it seems like they are taking their products one step forward with the help of AR. They plan to create a digital overlay that is projected on your phone. It will mark the identified area of where the missing item is located and will give the user an idea of where they last left the item. This seems like a really good way for AR to be in use. The idea is smart and I think it will really benefit users so that they can find their items more easily than the last product Pixie released which relied mostly on sound.

Pixie’s CEO has announced that with the funds that they have received from this AR project, it will help them to improve their devices and eventually deliver better services to their customers. Along with this statement, he also mentions that “We will soon be in a world where everything around us can be given a digital identity, and Pixie looks forwards to delivering a future where lost and misplaced items are a thing of the past.” I can’t wait for that era to arrive.

I honestly think that with the development of AR and VR, people are starting to realize more opportunities are opening for them. AR and VR have really helped companies to start imagining the new inventory they can create and it really sets the tech platform on a new road to product development. I think this is the new “trend” for business tech creators out there, and I hope eventually I can see more change in how we live this world today.

The list goes on and on, in the ideas that can be created using AR and VR technology. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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