Uber finally accomplishes the 2billionth ride


If I could choose one word to describe Uber it would be; convenient. Uber offers great service for all its customers, and I personally love the quick and easy system. All I need is the mobile app, then share my location, and then wait for my Uber to pick me up. Its a really simple and convenient way for me to move around the city, especially since my area doesn’t really assist in public transportation. Along with the great service it provides, it also presents favorable prices, that most people can afford to pay. Altogether, I can conclude that Uber is an awesome business, and I can see them becoming even more popular in the future. They have been very successful in the past year, and recently they gave its 2billionth ride since they started. That’s amazing!

This just comes to show that Uber really is becoming one of the best ride-booking companies out there.

On July 17, the 2billionth ride was taken place within a tie of 147 different rides that all started at the same second. This event occurred within 16 countries scattered all around the globe and the ride sessions ranged from 3 minutes all the way to an hour.

To express their gratitude, Uber has announced that they will distribute $450 to each rider and driver that participated in the 2billionth ride.

Honestly, I can say that Uber shows the best example of a sharing economy.

However, with this immense success on their part, there also comes rough situations for Uber. All around the world, they are struggling against lawsuits, fines, sues, and other disturbances that are wrecking their business. Yet, ever since all the chaos that has occurred, we can still confirm that Uber will not easily decline because their business model was well planned.

In the end, Uber is proud to announce this huge milestone in their career, and hopefully, they can reach the 3billionth ride at an even shorter pace than the one accomplished now.

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