Is it ok for my children to have access to phones now?


As a teenager, I admit that I have owned a phone twice in my life. Through those two experiences, I have learned that being responsible is very important.

Since phones include many fun outlets for young adults like myself, we can easily be attracted to anything that appears on our screens. To be considered “responsible” enough, we need to be able to overcome those types of distractions and focus on what’s more important. Whether it being social media or games, the influence on us can be good or bad. If we manage time well, spending a certain amount of time on our phones while maintaining good results at school, then it’s fine. However, if we use our time mostly on our phones even more than schoolwork, then that can be a serious issue.

To me, I feel that the appropriate age for a child to receive a phone is around the ages of 12 and above. Similarly to the article, I agree that the maturity level that is being displayed from the child has to show responsibility and authority over how they use the phone to their advantage.

Lately, I have noticed that our generation has started giving phones to children earlier than before, but I don’t think that’s something to really worry about. As long as we can spend our time wisely, on or out of our phones, I think it won’t be a dramatic issue in our society today.

Looking at the research provided by the data that was collected, it disgusts me to see that people at such a young age get exposed and engaged in perverted behaviors online. This is definitely showing a con about letting children slip away online with their phones. It also surprises me that children have access to these types of material, which is absolutely unacceptable and its ruining children’s innocent minds. I’m in awe. Another con about giving phones to children is that more than 50% of children claim they are addicted to their phones. This is serious. With the uprising number of children on their phones each day, it may drive them away from focusing on school work. There are far more cons that outweigh the pros, so it’s hard for parents to decide whether they really want to give kids access to all this at such a young age.

One of the biggest issues about smartphone usage is that we are becoming more antisocial each day. We are becoming more social online, but not as much in person. Of course, since we’re young we have more chances to interact with one another, but eventually, phones may grow on us as a necessity for life, and that’s not a good thing.

Honestly, the first phone I received was a “dumbed-down mobile device”. I could only call or text with my phone, so it didn’t really leave me much to do on it. Before receiving my second phone, my parents told me that the reason I deserved a new phone was because I showed them good behavior and maturity. I think that this method is a smart way to really decide whether its a good idea for parents to give their children access to phones or not.

If I had any suggestions to my friends/peer groups or parents regarding this issue it would be that staying appropriate online and using the phone for its good advantages is the right way to keep ourselves safe. We should always portray a positive image of ourselves online and abide by the rules of what is best for us in the grand picture.


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