An upcoming job crisis because of AI/robots


Recently, there has been some discussion of career choices that will have more impacts from AI/robots in the future. From this article, I have learned about ten jobs that will be strongly influenced by the AI/robots wave. As I was reading, I mostly reacted negatively because some jobs seemed like so much effort on our hands but we are giving up to AI/robots so easily.

The first job that was mentioned was web designing, and it didn’t surprise me at all. Honestly, I knew that this career would quickly be deteriorated in a matter of time just because of the countless discussions about this career hanging in danger. As well as my lingering thoughts, I’ve also visited a couple of different websites that gave a similar vibe to “The Grid” to affirm the situation. I have not encountered many people that work as a web designer yet, but if more web developing systems are created that are similar to “The Grid”, I can see the rushing downfall for web designers soon.

Along with web designing’s obvious breakdown, I have also noticed jobs like journalism and editing, that will easily be harmed by AI/robots too. Just like web designing, journalism and editing have both been jobs that I have thought about as an easy replacement by AI/robots. The concept of their job can easily be interpreted by AI/robots so it was no phenomenon when I realized that these were put on the list. Editing, was especially something that I could already see coming up because I have already experienced software that fixes grammar mistakes, punctuation, spelling, and other writing techniques that might be faltered.

As I was scanning through the list, there were a couple of jobs that I have racked because they were unfamiliar to me. These included online marketers, accountants, and HR professionals. They may actually be a very important job out there, but I don’t know much about them so it was hard for me to throw my opinion out there. However, if there is one thing I can say its that I can agree that just like the others on the list, they are definitely at a risk.

Coming from Cupertino, I know that a wide range of people in Silicon Valley work at companies revolving around the tech industry, but the basic idea of their job is basically an office employee/engineer. With that being said, they all have an office manager in charge at work. Now it seems like office managers are about to be replaced. I have actually never thought about this change to occur and it really surprises me how much AI/robots can do. I have learned that these robots will be running “through unique and adaptive machine learning”, which will allow the robot to function in all sorts of ways. Just like a regular manager, it will perform tasks, navigate, sense, and most importantly manage. This is some scary change that is happening.

I thought that office managing was shocking enough, but now top money-making jobs like doctors and lawyers are also being affected as well. Due to “Boss” which will be replacing lawyers, they will display accurate information, research, and other evidence to finish off a case in one go. That is amazing, and also really intimidating. When I was reading this article and saw doctors, I was really shocked myself. I have the dream to become a doctor but the fact that it’s on the list of the chopping board scared me. With this technology, it can do similar tasks as doctors but easier and performs several diagnoses for patients constantly. Just like before, I didn’t see this coming, and now I’m excited and nervous to see what other jobs are coming next.

Along with the whole medical theme, I have learned that even psychologists and therapists are being impacted by AI/robots. This one left me with no words. The fact that a robot can read our expressions and respond accordingly is really impressive.

Before reading this article, I have only listed a few jobs that I could see being greatly impacted in the future. Jobs like doctors and lawyers really stood out to me because of how much training we need to go through to achieve the position, but AI/robots can take our opportunities away in one blow. I have many opinions on AI/robot technology and it really makes me apprehensive about my future.


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