The Robot Initiation in China


It looks as if China is seeking to become a top country for automation by spurring the IFR (International Federation of Robotics) with the use of robots.

From what I have learned, China is aiming to produce sales of “100,000 domestically produced industrial robots a year by 2020”, as their goal. This seems like a tedious yet exciting task for China’s IFR and if they do succeed I’m pretty sure they will rise in rankings.

From my perspective of this project, I feel that there are definitely some side effects that will be showcased. For example, I can see that with these large amounts of robots that are being used, it might cause a decline in employment in China as well as creating a more “robotic” system of work, than before. Similar to this, employees will have to train to interact with the robotic equipment because they are working together. For the company to maintain both physical workers and coded machines they must devise a plan to establish a secure work base for both.

“China’s push to modernize its manufacturing with robotics is partly a response to labor shortages and fast-rising wages.” Based on this statement, I guess this explains why China wants to be a top country for automation using robots.

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