The challenges we face as we go through puberty


I have to admit that as a teenager, I have experienced many things. I am only 13, so I have only so little to say, but based off of what I have gone through, puberty is not easy, especially as a girl. I entered the world of teenage life only a couple months ago and I already know how difficult it is to deal with puberty.

The main concept of puberty is body change. Our hormones are released and we start to see new things that weren’t there before. In other words, we are changing from a child to a woman or a child to a man. Children, boys or girls possess almost identical figures due to no hormone release. However, once we enter the stage of puberty, man and woman are completely different physically and mentally.

With all this development that is in progress, judgments can be made really easily. We have to confront several different situations that we don’t appreciate but its usually not in our control. Getting compared too is something that happens all the time, especially for girls. It impacts us greatly and hurts our self-esteem constantly. The worst comparisons that we face, are the comparisons between internet models and ourselves.

When we see that everyone around us has glamorous figures and perfect faces, we tend to react negatively. Most of us, start to believe that we need to be like them and it messes up our minds so much. From this article, I wasn’t shocked to see the high numbers in drug usage to become skinny and more pumped. Right now, the idea of having an ideal body and face is ridiculous. I honestly think we need to wake up to reality and see that being flawless in appearance is not everything.

“They portray bodies that are unattainable by healthy means.” I agree with this completely, because it’s true.

It may not seem serious at first, but with all these drug usages in action, health issues can be involved. Honestly, if we are really desperate to become the perfect cookie-cutter image that people are looking for eating healthy and working out are the best routes to head for.

There are a lot of false promises that are influencing us out online. When we don’t know who we are and we lose confidence in ourselves, that is the moment we have to be strong and endure the hardships. Anyways, its all a matter of time. I just want to say that everyone is beautiful the way they are and to be recognized, we have to believe that we are beautiful first.

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