The Heart of Space Innovation and Exploration


Big companies such as Microsoft, Starbucks, and Amazon all started in the heart of Seattle. Located in Washington, Seattle is famous for its tech and engineering facilities. Compared to other cities, Seattle can easily be put next to Silicon Valley as one of its top competitors in the tech industry. They do share common outlooks on the growing industry, but I have noticed that Seattle is taking a step further in their activities. Unlike Silicon Valley, Seattle is now showcasing more of their innovation through space tech and exploration activity.

While we are bustling about the new upcoming iPhone, Seattle has been on the move for space exploration. Recently, I have learned that Seattle’s main focus right now is their interest in space. It seems like they have been working hard to initiate their plan for a project revolving around a space mission.

Seattle has been classified as the “epicenter” for its software, big data, and capital. Just like Silicon Valley, they present many successful business chains throughout their city. With this, they have gained the title as a large startup city along with their multiple competitors across the nation. Its amazing how so many of my favorite businesses like Starbucks, were created in Seattle. All this time, I thought Starbucks was formed in Silicon Valley or LA, but I was wrong.

Speaking of space, the Space Needle can’t be forgotten as it is Seattle’s memorable icon. According to the article, it states that the Space Needle was created to “symbolized Seattle’s perception of itself as a visionary town with an eye on the 21st century”. I guess I can see this tower, as an important sign for space explorers and aviation.

Going with the topic of aviation, Seattle has also been showing movement in their space expeditions with their rockets. They even plan on sending space tourists as soon as next year. That’s incredible.

As time passes, and their technology becomes more advanced and smarter, I can see them performing more vast expeditions in space. It’s apparent that as of right now Seattle has only touched the surface of what they really urge to do in space and I am becoming more interested in their further plans.

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