Instagram’s Latest Update


Instagram is no doubt my favorite photo-sharing app. Their app provides many functions that make photo sharing fun and easy for many to enjoy. Hearing that they were making another update got me a little worried, but after learning that they were dealing with an issue more personal for users, it actually got me pretty excited. Before, when Instagram made its latest update with the all-white and algorithm-driven feed, I was really disappointed because it only made things worse for users like myself. However, now it seems like their change will help users experience a more safe and friendly environment with the upgrade. They have announced that they will be letting us filter comments on our own account.

With that being said, it seems like Instagram is going to provide yet another tool for users that will help block harassers from invading their accounts. It seems like the new feature will let users decide which comments they want on their photos or if they want to fully block followers from using the comment section. This is such a good idea.

Instagram has mentioned that within a couple of months, we will start to see changes in our comment feed. In my position, I don’t really receive any offensive comments, so I won’t be seeing such a drastic change, but for others, I hope it really helps them to feel safer on the app.

“By putting these controls in the hands of users, Instagram has decided to let individual people and businesses make the decision about where to draw the line about what’s acceptable for them.” They’re taking actions for ‘online harassment’ and I hope that more social networking companies will realize the current situation of this problem, and take a step to cure the wound in many users.

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