More people are opting for online doctors?


This story was really entertaining and I learned a lot from it. I know how the writer feels because I have experienced a similar “less-than-stellar” appointment as well. Leading to one of the many reasons why I don’t want to go to the doctor’s office. Hearing that there are many apps for dermatology revolved around topics it meant that technology has made itself to the health department now. Almost like a virtual consultation, he simply had to follow the instructions from the app and within some time he received an answer from a dermatologist on the other side. Personally, I thought to myself how amazing this idea was, but soon I realized that there are some downsides to this method too.

Starting with pros, the technology itself is really intelligent. Another plus would be that it saves time and energy. Now we don’t need to go through a long process to receive an answer to our disease or illness. With that being said, there is also the consideration of the price that is lower than normal health care bills. To be fair, apps are also really convenient when it comes to location. It allows us to receive consultations anywhere we are. In other words, location no longer becomes an excuse or hindrance for medical attention. Yet, with all of these pros comes with the cons. An obvious con that can be noticed right away is the fact that we can’t guarantee anything for certain. Without the doctors there to completely explain to us in person, we might find ourselves purchasing the wrong medication or even getting scammed through false doctors and consultations. Another con about this system is that there is difficulty in communication between doctors and patients due to the screen that is dividing them. Unlike a person to person consultation, it’s much harder to get the full service from a doctor when it’s through a mobile app. We probably get fewer opportunities to ask questions and speak with our doctors as well as misunderstandings can even occur.

If I were a doctor, I don’t think I can accept the diagnosis by online doctors and allow my patients to take the medication just because it’s safer to visit a physician rather than to trust a so-called “doctor” that we don’t know for sure.


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