Clinton’s new political campaign with Pokemon Go?


It’s amazing how much Pokemon Go has grown on us in the past few months. With that being said, Pokemon Go is now being used as a campaign tool for the presidential race!

Well, that’s interesting.

Hearing that just last week Clinton had made a statement about using the app to her advantage, I am not exactly sure if this method will be successful. From my perspective, it seems like a convincing strategy to lure in voters for her, but ultimately she’s relying on the power of Pokemon Go a lot which may cause later problems.

A good thing that I have noticed about Clinton’s campaign with Pokemon Go is the fact that this may give her more attention than before. However, we have to recall that games are one thing and voting is another so it’s hard to confirm that this tactic will work on Pokemon Go players.

It seems like Clinton’s campaign strategy is doing well based on the facts from the article, but in the end, I still feel that this campaign method won’t be that effective. If I were playing Pokemon Go, I don’t know if I would be so immersed to base my vote on free Pokemon. I mean in the end, Pokemon will just be sitting in our phones, while Clinton or Trump will be sitting as our nation’s leader.

I can definitely see Pokemon Go’s power for political campaigns due to its immense popularity within a large age group. However, I don’t expect the impact to actually be very effective. Politics and gaming are two separate topics. We have to keep that in mind before we vote without thinking.

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