The M.E.T. Program for upcoming college students


For many aspiring engineers or entrepreneurs, this class that Berkeley has developed will definitely benefit them no matter where they stand in society as a college freshman. The program that is being offered is called M.E.T which stands for Management, Entrepreneurship, & Technology Program.

The main objective of the development of this program is to offer a class that will let students earn two Bachelor of Science degrees in four years. Due to the many stacked up expectations for a 21st-century graduate, becoming an engineer or entrepreneur has been much more difficult to achieve. With this program, it will let students take a step closer to becoming a promising employee in the business or tech industry.

There are many benefits that this program gives for the students that take this class such as meeting the needs of all students in whatever field of jobs they are looking for in Silicon Valley. Along with that guarantee, the program also lets students become successful employees with a strong mindset which is looked for in a great worker.“Their M.E.T. education will greatly expand their capacity to shape parts of our future that we cannot even see today.”

Our society needs this kind of program to motivate students that there is a chance and spot for them in the work field. With all the tough standards that pressure graduates, it doesn’t give us any hope in landing a job position, especially in Silicon Valley.

Personally, I’m not interested in the tech or business industry just because I’m looking to become part of the medical staff as a doctor. However, I can relate with college graduates that it is becoming tougher to get a stable job at this time.

“Opportunities to pursue internships, career coaching, and other enrichment will provide students with opportunities for hands-on learning in innovation and entrepreneurship.” I hope that this program will really help build passionate college students to become successful in this tech-savvy place and allow students like me to become more confident in the adults we become in the future.

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