Are women capable of becoming successful CEOs?


“For many women leaders, she embodies the particular challenge of being female and in charge.” Still to this day, there is discrimination against women whether its by salary, job positions, or even roles in society. When it comes to roles that require leadership or being in charge, most of the time men take on the position, while women don’t really have many chances to fulfill it. For aspiring businesswomen in the powerhouse work field, its hard for them to startup and lead the business due to so much prejudice and not enough support.

Personally, I don’t really know that many women CEOs out in the business platform. Since there aren’t that many women who are actively involved in the business industry, it’s hard for me to pinpoint a few that I have recognized.

The ongoing mindset that women are not as capable as men is not true. In fact, it’s ridiculous. It’s sad to hear how women face challenges, make decisions, and create goals just like men, but receive more backlash and pressure just because they are women.

People need to understand that women can do things that men can do just as good. There should be no restrictions for women to become the head of a company as long as they have a sufficient amount of leadership skills and can maintain good partnerships.

As I was reading about the many women leaders that took upon the roles of a CEO, the main thing that I have noticed that was common about all of them was that they all faced criticism. That’s disappointing.

I feel like one of the main reasons I don’t find myself seeing women CEOs that much is because many women do not desire to face the ongoing pressure that most women confront. Unlike men, women have a harder time when taking on business matters because of all the criticism they receive. When men perform reckless actions, its cleaned up ok, but when women make a mistake its all a disgrace. That is really unfair.

Although I haven’t seen many women who are strong in the business industry, I do hope to see more in the future. Women can do great things we just need to trust them instead of automatically ignoring them just because they are not men. I want people to realize that women are strong and have a great mentality when it comes to work and details, so give them a chance.

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