AR headsets help construction projects?


There are so many great ways to use AR to our advantage and leisure. Augmented Reality has made yet another comeback with its technology to help construction companies design and build stronger structures. Through HoloLens lenses, builders can see the blueprint digitally and detect problems that may occur during the process. With this, they can save money, resources, and time.

The idea of HoloLens comes from Microsoft. They use a headset to draw holographic images in front of the users so that builders can see the blueprint of their desired building easier. Ultimately, this can save lots of money for themselves and their construction companies. It’s a win-win.

Another use case for AR to be used in the architecture/construction industry is the growing ability to let builders see the building’s layout before its actually built. Just as the article stated, it will let them notice the flaws and weaknesses in the building’s structure and safely replace the defects in a more proper and efficient method. I think that with the use of AR technology, it will definitely help construction companies to solve many challenges that get in the way when the building is in progress. Unlike before, we now have the opportunity to pinpoint pitfalls or strengths in the framework of the building so it will definitely benefit us in many ways.

To be very honest, the idea that we can use AR to walk, zoom, and touch the building digitally is really cool. The concept of AR is intriguing to me and it really excites me that this era of technology is happening right now instead of later.

Although the HoloLens lenses show great benefits and usage for builders, they do have some problems that may cause disruption during their work. I understand that the lenses are in good shape now, but there is still room for improvement. In my opinion, I think that as of right now, its not a good idea to wear the goggles during construction, but just for viewing purposes. It’s dangerous and it’s hard to adapt to anyways.

HoloLens is letting us see construction work in a new light, so in that sense, let’s try to use AR technology more for other purposes as well.

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