Messaging with the US President on another level


In the past 13 years of my life, I have only written one letter to President Barack Obama. Surprisingly enough, I did receive a reply and still to this day it shocks me. To hear that a new advanced form of messaging with the president is now available is really exciting and fascinating.

The newest chatroom robot that has been created is called ChatBot. Developed by Facebook, this new feature lets citizens like us can speak with the president easier than before. Since Facebook is so widely popular across the nation its no surprise that Facebook and the White House collaborated on this project.

“But as new technology has emerged, it expanded the way the public can connect.” I can see how as time passes by and technology becomes smarter, new methods of communication are being developed for easy access. With that being said, I’m really interested in how much more further we can go in creating the best technology platform that will connect everyone across the US. That would be awesome.

We are taking communication on another level that has never been achieved before. Social media is great and all, but talking and expressing opinions, ideas, and thoughts are more important. Through this, it will definitely help us connect more and also learn more in the process.

Now that there is more opportunity and less hassle, I’m pretty sure more and more people will start taking advantage of the bot. Personally, for me, I get pretty shy around role models and talking to the higher-ups so I don’t see this being used often. Of course, I will try once but, other than that I don’t really see myself doing this constantly.

This is obviously one of the many emerging technologies these days that have impacted our society. Many experts think it has lots of potential and I agree too. With this, I hope we can all become more engaged with each other as a nation and also help solve problems as well.

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