Great Thinkers and Creators


It’s not too often, we meet a person who is young and energetic who can produce and design exciting devices that can help change the world. The Davidson Institute honors is a foundation that inspires many youths out there to think outside the box at a very young age. With three aspiring creators from the Silicon Valley region, they have established themselves as role models for other students that look for opportunities in the tech-engineering region as well.

With the youngest student being at the age of 14, it really amazes me how much dedication and effort each individual put into their creations. They really deserve to be recognized for their work.

From what I read, these individuals developed technology that will help others that struggle with health problems. With devices that help with lung disorders, autism, and even cancer, it seems like many health scientists will take these projects into consideration when they find themselves in need of solutions.

I guess there are many reasons as to what drives students to become motivated to create these gadgets. One that is true based on their story, is from experience. By knowing how it feels to suffer a long-known disease, is a really impactful and meaningful sign to them and personally, I understand as well. Since I suffer from really swollen nose pipes, it sometimes gives me a hard time too and I have this motivation to fix this problem for not only me but for everyone who struggles with this as well.

Of course, not everyone can have a brain like these individuals, but at least from hearing from their stories, we can each learn that putting an effort and taking the time to do something that your passionate about can really make us discover that we are all good at something.

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