Why I want to be a doctor


I have many goals that I hope to achieve by the time I become an adult. One of the main and most important goals for me is to become a doctor. Although I have to go through extra years of school and give up time for me to be prepared, I am well aware that the time spent to become a doctor is something that I’m fully able to handle.

As an eighth grade student preparing for high school, I have recently spent a lot of time thinking about what profession I want to take on for the next 30 years of my life. Based on what my parents have informed me, I already know that I want to prevent working under a company as an employee as much as possible. Other than that, many qualifying reasons prove that becoming a doctor is the right direction.

Of course, the main reason I want to be a doctor is because it is a full-time occupation that expects you to help people regardless. I really want to grow up as a person who will always be there for my patients and or relatives.

After reading this article, I have made some connections and realizations about the benefits there are to be a doctor.

First, I can completely agree with the idea that doctors have independence. Unlike most jobs out there, doctors have this special connection with their patients that allows them to make decisions on their own. Although it may be tough at first, I think this a great privilege and advantage for doctors compared to other occupation offerings.

Another great benefit for doctors is that their job itself is exciting. Based on the article’s statement, “I have been doing medicine a long time and have yet to see two days’ activities or two patients that are the same. Ever. Bottom line: medicine is never boring. ” I can’t agree more that the job behind medicine is always intriguing.

There are many other benefits for doctors too, but these were some of the ones that stood out to me.

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