Mark and Priscilla meet Pope Francis


Recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan have had a formal meeting as well as multiple encounters with many important figures that stand in Italy. The first being, Pope Francis.

Inspired by his teachings and words of wisdom, Mark had designed and brought a manual of the many design developments he had created including a real model of the Aquila. He deeply explained the impact of his new invention showing that the device would let people connect through the internet. I think that this device will become more useful in many other situations as well.

Because Italy had encountered a major earthquake, the whole city has not been in a very good state. To bring back as much liveliness back as possible, Mark has been doing many projects to help.

The couple was also able to meet the Prime Minister of Italy and were also able to host a Q and A. There they explained their current life situations, upcoming projects, news, and many other interesting things that were going on.

Through Mark’s many trials of creating quality devices, news has come that one of his devices named “Safety Check” has been showing some good responses. The article states, “He noted that half the people in the region used a Facebook tool called Safety Check to let their loved ones know they were OK; the company has given 500,000 euros in ad credits for the Red Cross in Italy, and people are using the site to support disaster relief.”

As Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan were visiting Italy, they were able to present many ideas to the people, and it seems like they are just beginning to bring Italy back again.

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