The Daylight Savings Debate


Daylight Savings happens twice during the year. One in fall and one in spring. I have mixed feelings towards Daylight Savings mainly because one of the days gives me an extra 1 hour of sleep, while the other gives me 1 hour less of sleep.

However, either way, I still don’t fully understand why exactly we have these two special days in our full 365 day year.

From what I read, Daylight Savings was a day that was created to help farmers harvest and grow their crops giving them extra light during the evenings and less in the mornings. With that in mind, I understand why many representatives think that Daylight Savings is an important day for US agriculture, however, I see why many people in the west coast cities believe that it is not very impactful for them and find it useless.

Personally, for me, I find Daylight Savings kind of confusing because it messes up the normal time standard.

While some people may look at Daylight Savings as a necessity, for people like me, I feel that it is not very necessary because it doesn’t really make an impact on my everyday life. Here in Silicon Valley, since we are all surrounded by tech facilities and industries, there is no use of this interesting calendar.

Although Daylight Savings may not be such an important day for us, I agree with the Senate that we should still keep the holiday to help the farmers that need it.

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