The Sad Reality


From the start of junior high to the end of high school, many students suffer from depression, stress, or anxiety. It comes naturally as school life becomes more intense and other things are hanging on the line. As I enter my last year of junior high, I have a lot of things that are being weighed upon my shoulders and I can easily say that it isn’t easy.

It really concerns me to hear that students that are around my age, experience tough twisted times to the point where they have thoughts of potential suicide. According to this article, it states that “It is now just as likely for middle school students to die from suicide as from traffic accidents.” When I read this sentence, it brings tears to my eyes and rips in my heart. I believe that this issue has blown greater than proportions, and we should no longer ignore it.

The rise in suicide rates over the last decade has immensely changed the story behind the lives of young adolescents. According to many researches and studies have shown, it continues to prove how the increase of suicides has almost skyrocketed close to the numbers of where traffic accident deaths are.

It’s actually pretty ridiculous and scary to see how more children die from suicide than unpredictable traffic accidents.

We are basically arriving at the peak of deaths for teens and this should not be the case. By looking at the data, we should think of ways of how to prevent more and more problems from happening in our society.

Many of the most common reasons as to why young adolescents suicide are simply because of health reasons or their weak mentality against the public. I think one of the main problems I see in our society along with drugs, is the unnecessary judgments we make on people, especially those that look up to us. I can completely agree with the following statement, “The reasons for suicide are complex. No single factor causes it. But social media tends to exacerbate the challenges and insecurities girls are already wrestling with at that age, possibly heightening risks, adolescent health experts said.”

The culture of our society that we have created over the past few years, needs to be rethought. We have to change the way we act upon ourselves and our other younger peers that are suffering day by day.

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