Her Body, Her Choice


Lately, abortion talks have been more chaotic than ever because of the recent victory of Donald Trump. Although this may have been the biggest upset in America’s political history, no one can be more afraid than the women that make up part of America’s population. Women now have a stronger wall to break down against their rights, and it seems like the trouble is just starting right now at Trump’s roots.

By starting off, I can understand how the women in our country feel today. Many must be filled with anxiety and concern over what may happen next while Trump is completing his four-year term. The main reason as to why I believe women suffer from sexual harassment is the result that comes after, pregnancy.

Pregnancy is not something that can be taken so lightly especially as a woman. As a woman, you feel undignified and you feel like trash once something terrible like this happens to her and her body.

Abortion is a tough subject to argue on because it concerns the woman’s freedom and right against her own body. Some people, like Donald Trump, believe in pro-life meaning that the life of the baby is more important than the so-called, “mothers” decision. However, some people like, Hillary Clinton, support pro-choice, the idea of giving the mother a choice on what she wants to do.

I think this a deep issue that many women as of today are struggling with and this should not be the case. I believe that women should have a choice on what they decide to do according to what they seem or think is right. I feel that it’s not fair for women to have to follow a certain path that leads to uncertainty and depression.

Although I am only 13, I completely agree with Hillary’s words that all women should have the power to choose over their pregnancies regardless of any situation they are embedded in. I just want to give all my love to all the women that are suffering right now and I hope things can change for the better. God Bless America and the Women that are unsafe.

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