Soda Soda Go Away


My dad has always told me to avoid consuming products that may have risks of being addictive. Most often I would think of cigarettes, alcohol, and other bad drugs that are harmful to my body. However, I never took the time to realize that soda or “sugar-sweetened beverages” could slowly be ruining my body as well.

It all makes sense why many organizations and businesses have stopped selling soda to their customers because of all the unhealthy ingredients. From campuses to restaurants, all around the US people are starting to realize that soda should be banned because of its unhealthy influence.

I believe that soda should be avoided as much as possible. I think because of the false advertisements companies release, it makes people even more eager to buy and chug a bottle of soda. Even if something is labeled as “50% Less Sugar” or “Diet” people should not be lured in to buy the sodas thinking they are benefitting themselves. It’s a trick soda businesses are playing to get money without the customers knowing.

Many schools are beginning to ban soda products on their campuses and from what I read, it seems like it has been showing good health results for the students.

“How dare we profit off of a product that our own doctors say causes metabolic disease?” says Laura Schmidt, a professor from a medical school. This is exactly my point.

Through multiple stages of research, scientists have been able to find many defects caused by soda, and this should be enough to persuade us to stop consuming it so often.

Let’s try and put an end to these beverage companies that are trolling us with harmful ingredients. When we see soda out in the stores and in the markets, we need to rethink our food choices and make wise decisions that would be best for our bodies inside and out.

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