Obama care hanging on the line


Ever since Obama care was issued in the United States, negative feedback seems to only be heard from the people. Hoping for a better and more unified health care system, President Barack Obama started this project only to receive backlash from many of the citizens. Now that Trump has been selected as the president-elect, he has the chance to completely get rid of it along with his republican party. It seems that plans for Obama care to be repealed are surfacing.

I personally don’t know the benefits, effects or flaws regarding Obama care, but from what I heard it seems like there is a lot to improve.

Over these past few years, Obama care has been a huge issue between the democrats and the republicans. It just so happens that after this election, the power has now been moved to Mr. Trump’s hands. With a congress that is compiled of over 50% republicans, Mr. Trump has a fair advantage if he decides to repeal it.

If however, Obama care is repealed, the next question will be what the republican party will put as a replacement for the choice they have made. This is an audacious move made by the congress and it may actually be for the better. If they offer no sign of replacement as they did for the past few years, then this would lead to a national calamity.

Along with the immediate arguments that have been presented so far, we also have to keep in mind the politics that come into play. From this article, I have seen many perspectives regarding Obama care and it all comes to show that this decision will be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack.

There are many ways to take on this operation and it seems like with just one wrong move, the political foundation will be at risk. Should we keep Obama care for the better or take the bait and create something new? It’s all up to Mr. Trump and his party in the back.

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