A Twist of Events


Social media is seen in many perspectives. From a teenager’s point of view, it is just a way to follow their favorite celebrities and to show off their own exciting life. Social media is, in fact, one of the greatest tools on the internet. It connects us all together as one community and lets us share our content through media. What people don’t realize however is that social media can actually talk things off and create bigger situations, just like we’ve been seeing in the past few months. The election is a great example.

From the author of this article, we can clearly see how social media played a huge impact on his thoughts about the election. He no doubt thought that Hillary was going to win because that was all he saw from his feed, but to his surprise, it was Trump’s victory. As we can see, social media is sometimes misleading and that is not what people hope it to become.

Said by Zuckerberg, he believes that, “The internet has enabled all of us to access and share more ideas and information than ever before,” he said. “We’ve gone from a world of isolated communities to one global community, and we are all better off for it.” But to some people, they feel as if social media is rapidly going in the other direction.

This debate about social media can go on forever, and there really is no “right” way to fix this growing problem.

For me, personally, I prefer to use social media just to see what my other friends are doing basically serving as an outlet from my stressful life. What social media is becoming is not what I want to happen either. However I feel that it’s not the media’s fault, but actually ours. We’re basically the consumers so we control the market. I think it’s up to us to decide our future, so we should rethink a bit more on how our society looks today.

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