A TRUE Fairy Tale


The other day, I was discussing with my mom around the topic of being born into a wealthy family. For many alike, people would find themselves in an awkward position where they would mistakenly lure themselves to the idea of power and money bringing them a bucket load of happiness. However, the idea of being born into such a privileged family can be perceived as a blessing and a curse.

Although society may make wealth seem like a fairytale dream come true, it’s technically false to say that more money creates a better life. This idea of more opportunities, more love, more fun, and just in general more of everything is something that we need to realize comes with a cost. I think many people don’t realize that money and power doesn’t bring everything to your fingertips. The blood, sweat, and tears from people that put the effort into building their dream, are the ones who can experience the true fairytale.

Former homeless teen, Megan Faircloth, has proved this message with her acceptance into Stanford a couple weeks ago. Without the connections, the money, the power, and even the fundamental backbone for survival, she exceeded limitations that no one thought she could do until today.

When other students were perfectly fine, she had to put up with countless hardships that no one in her class could even imagine. Although she encountered all these heartbreaking roadblocks, she always found a path that led her to who she is today. I think it takes a lot of patience and motivation to push oneself this far, and I find that very inspiring. Megan makes me reflect on myself as a person and she continues to encourage me to work harder and fight every day for my dream.

This story should make people realize hope and success are not discovered through wealth, but instead is found by the driven motivation created by oneself.

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