iCar- coming soon?


Apple has by far been one of the best tech companies ever within the last decade. They have shown prominently their skills in creating great devices that provide an ample amount of features and services to fulfill the desires of many customers. As a current iPhone and MacBook user, I definitely understand why there are so much hype and attention given to Apple near their production releases every other year. It is no wonder the public is going crazy right now to hear the news of a future automobile. Maybe an iCar?

When I first read the news about this issue, I was taken aback surprisingly. I didn’t expect Apple to create such a product after their recent iWatch conflicts. However, no doubt I was hooked into this right away regardless.

Based on a recent conversation with Bloomberg Technology feat. Tim Cook, he mentioned little to no detail about the ideas for this arousing project. It was disappointing, but I take it that he wants us all to be purely shocked when the product releases. I am really eager to see what Apple brings to us knowing that Apple’s standards are high and of good quality.

My expectations for this car, are set high knowing that Apple’s standards are top-notch and of good quality. I’m pretty sure they’re going to incorporate sensors, touch screen abilities, self-driving modes and obviously a simple modern look. I mean that’s what Apple is definitely known for.

It is very exciting to see a major tech company bring out a new side to innovation combining software elements from smartphone devices. Apple always brings us new surprises that we always take in with excitement. They have definitely proved to us and the tech industry how much capability they have in creating something that none of us have seen before.

I wonder what they have in store for us.


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