AI to aid Facebook in search of offensive content


Social media has been a great outlet for many teenagers and adults to engage with others in our community and around the world. It provides each individual a palette in which they can express themselves through online content using pictures, videos, and even just notes. Although social media yearns to seek a positive image, it’s hard when people scroll through their feeds and stumble across the countless offensive and inappropriate posts that they don’t want to see. Luckily I’ve never been there.

To fix this problem, Facebook has announced their plans on using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to track these types of content from being uploaded onto their sites. I think the idea itself was not unexpected because of how much AI talk has been going around. I’m curious to see how well AI can handle this situation.

Based on the New York Times research, I have related and understood a huge problem they are questioning. They state, “The problem, as usual, is determining what is extremist, and what isn’t, and it goes further than just jihadists,” he said. “Are they just talking about ISIS and Al Qaeda, or are they going to go further to deal with white nationalism and neo-Nazi movements?”

Honestly, in my opinion, I think this AI system should be accounted for deleting ALL statements, pictures, and inappropriate content that have a negative connotation and influence on the public. I don’t think Facebook should only focus on ISIS and Al Qaeda threats, but also other offensive things that produce hardship and inflict pain and negativity.

There is so much going on in our world right now. Multiple terrorist attacks, threats and now even violent social media contents are intoxicating the world we are living in. With the help of AI, I hope we can finally step out from the zone of this mess and continue to find more solutions to problems that are floating around in society as well.

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