UCLA Graduates Surpass the Limits


One of my most desired schools to attend is UCLA.  They have a lot to offer to students like me who seek change in the future. UCLA is very well known for its outstanding classes filled with a range of superior students that gain A’s and others who take part in professional extracurricular activities. I love how UCLA welcomes students based on how much effort they’ve shown not just through textbooks and tests. A great example can be shown through this graduate named James Anderson.

At one point in James Anderson’s life, he suffered through a couple years behind bars with a troubled mindset. As he was experiencing such hardship, he did however change. With his burning passion and energy, he excelled in his career of being a change agent which lead him to travel all around the community and the world to express criminal justice reform. It’s so exciting to see people like him take a hand in challenging the corrupted world we live in. He definitely proves how the past does not affect the future. Albert Einstein once said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance. You must keep moving.” After James Anderson left jail he gained strength, and I want to do the same thing when I encounter a difficult situation. James Anderson’s story has really inspired me to go all out for my dreams and to not give up when roadblocks come in the way of my journey.

Another amazing UCLA graduate story I have read is about a young guy named Luke Bellotti.

At the age of 14, Luke Vellotti entered UCLA as an incoming freshman. He is one skillful and successful student from the get-go. Studying for 12 hrs each day, plus added class time clearly makes it reasonable how he has achieved so much in so little time. Unlike most people, he loves to learn which I think is the biggest factor that drove him to where and who he is today. He is very talented and I can see why he has earned the recognition he deserves. I think he proves how time and effort really do pay off in the end.

These two graduates have shown “the best of UCLA and the beauty of the human spirit.” I can’t agree more.

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