Flying its way to help


We have already heard and read countless articles regarding the future usages of drones. Drones have been mentioned as future mailmen, possible surveillance gadgets, and now it is being investigated as a possible health solution.

Based on the article’s claims, they mentioned how drones could deliver defibrillators 17 minutes faster than an average ambulance could. That is a very significant difference.

Anything regarding recovery in health is a matter of time. If drones can bring the same equipment as ambulances but come to the rescue five times faster, I think drones are a lot more reliable.

Traffic and chaoticness, are two of the biggest variables as to why ambulances can not rush faster than a drone. Drones don’t need to deal with these issues at all which makes them more efficient as mentioned before.

I think if more and more drones start actively participating in these medical field services, a lot more patients will survive and be at ease when crisis alerts.


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