We Might be Trapped in a Microwave


In the last week, the Bay Area has been disrupted with extreme weather forecasts having temperatures even heated above 100 degrees F. This is a major surprise because Cupertino never gets higher than the low 90s on the hottest days. Even San Francisco known for its all-around foggy cool weather hit 91 degrees last Friday. These unexpected weather shifts have made the entire area feel like a hot desert and it seems like there is no stopping it.

According to surveys from the New York Times, they have reported that in the next few decades the rate of high temperatures would increase immensely making cities with normal temperatures experience a not so pleasant afternoon. Not only will cities be inflicted with heat stress, but will also be using a ton of air conditioning to fulfill their well-being. Obviously, this will make electricity usage skyrocket because of the endless amount of air conditioning that will be circulated throughout the buildings.

I’m pretty sure a widespread of people are probably very concerned about global warming and it seems like the trouble is just boiling. I was shocked to read that cities like Madrid who are not even located on the Equator would jump from 8 to 43 days of hot summer.

I think people need to realize that the impact of global warming is not only affecting the common idea of icebergs and overflooding, but it also affects us. People are dying, and that should be a good enough sign to realize that global warming is something that isn’t a passing crisis. This is a global problem in which everyone gets affected regardless. I think we need to think about how we can help this issue from its turning point before its too late. Global warming is not pretty and when the time comes around we will regret not doing anything.

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