BYE, BYE racial contrast


I have this feeling of relief after reading this article. It excites me to see a strong individual trying to make a change in our split society regardless of his color. Racism is a huge milestone that we still have yet to exclude, so it’s nice to see someone step up and take action. Howard Sueing, a former janitor, and car dealer struggles to explain the importance of opportunities for everyone.

Although he is black and has placed himself in a minority group of society, he is bringing up the issue and organizing a plan to help solve it. With the help of Google, Howard Sueing is launching a program in which African Americans can receive courses taught by coworkers at Google. He is one of the many “instructors” who will take on the pleasure of teaching students specifically from Howard University, with the desire that they will leave with an open mind.

Hopefully, with this new project in-store, more African Americans will come and have the chance to work at Google, while increasing the percentage of blacks in the workforce.

Personally, I think this is a really great idea and will help inspire and motivate graduates to come and learn about software and the tech industry itself. I hope other companies will take this action into consideration and decide that they should do this as well. Not only will we be helping students, but also enforcing a bigger change in our society.

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